FinBow Advisors is a boutique financial services firm that was founded in 2012 and engages in a wide range of training and consulting services including investment, financial and strategic advisory businesses for individuals and institutions in China. As a group, FinBow deeply cares about the evolution of China economy and is interested in the development of and opportunities in Chinese capital market.

Consulting Services

FinBow is engaged in the strategic and financial consulting for the institutions and individuals in China; to support the clients to optimize the structure of their finance functions; to provide insight and market strategies to expand the business and drive efficiency.

Financial Training

FinBow develops customized financial training programs that work with clients at a face-to-face and virtual level. The topics cover a wide range in finance, including securities trading, risk control, portfolio management, and business strategies.

Our Promise to You

FinBow is striving to deliver the financial solution that is right for you. We hope you will give us the opportunity to show you just how passionate we are about the industry and you, our valued clients.